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Our Story

Death by  Hook story

Do you have a  grandpa,dad, uncle, brother, or son who has that one fish story they always tell? This ishow Death by Hook comesabout. My grandfather’sfavorite story was a similar one, talking about an experience that every fisherman has had . Grandpa Jessy was fishing at the LostLake. He arrived at hisfavorite fishing spot and found other fishermenalreadyon the spot.

There was a free spot in the middle of both fishermen, so GrandpaJessy took the spot and started fishing between them. He asked the two fishermen if they had caught anything, and they both said no. Just then, Grandpa Jess got a bite and started reeling in a trout. Within an hour, Grandpa Jess had caught his limit. The fishermen were dumbfounded. They hadn’t caught any fish.

They ask him for any pointers they could use to help them catch fish. He told them to hold their poles over their head and as they cast, they should yell "Death by hook!!!". Jokingly, he put his pole over his head and yelled "Death by hook". Grandpa caught his last fish for the day and packed up. As he was walking out, he heard the two guys yelling "Death by hook!!!" as they cast their bait into the river. Grandpa laughed and walked away.  

My Grandpa told me this story hundreds of times. He passed away from cancer. I thought I had more time to fish with him. I was always too busy,working, and always had an excuse. Deathby Hook is my Grandpa Jessy’s favorite fishing story. It always reminds me that life is too short. So go on that fishing trip and create your ownfavorite fishing story you can pass down. Thank You for helping spread his favorite fishing story.